Pay-Dirt Racing welcomes aboard Mike Emhof and Rich Vleck.


After nearly a year of negotiations, today will be the first official day for Mr. Emhof and Mr. Vleck.


Rich Vleck will be handling Public Relations, Social Media and will be the Voice of Rolling Wheels Raceway.


Mr. Emhof will be the President of Racing Relations.


Certification of their contracts are scheduled for this afternoon in Rochester, New York. After certification of their contracts, Mr.Emhof and Mr. Vleck will announce their staff that will be working with them at Rolling Wheels Raceway.


 We apologize for not getting the staffing announcements out sooner, Pay-Dirt Racing is not hiring people for just a few months, these are long term contracts that require year round commitments and as most of you know, this was a Major decision for these individuals and more time was taken than expected to negotiate the fine points of these contracts.


 Please note, The Patriots Sprint Touring Series is still owned and operated by Mr. Emhof and this announcement does not have any connection with any Events that the Patriots have scheduled for their 2015 Season.